I am a playwright. I write plays. Create theater.

So what happens when I cancel a show that I wrote? And read long guilt trip texts from my now-super-pissed director? And write apology emails to the entire cast, and the people running the theater? Am I still a playwright then?

What am I when I completely lose my inspiration and don’t want to do this anymore? When thinking about it makes me heavy with dread?

If I’m not a playwright, do I become No Longer Interesting? Do I find something new to do? Some way to be creative that actually feels fun?

I don’t know. But when a lot of people are angry, you tend to just mostly feel like a goblin who has ruined everyone’s time.

3 thoughts on “playwrong

    1. Allison 🥺 thank you so much. This is so heartening, it’s so appreciated. I think of you too, and how crazy impressive what you’re doing is. This world seems like it’s pushing us to stay numb, and for you to hold firm and clear like you do is truly inspiring. Thank you love ❤️❤️❤️

      (Also so true, people being mad is so destabilizing. But I guess necessary.)

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      1. Oh goodness this squeezes my whole heart. Thank you so, love. ❤️❤️❤️

        Destabilizing, damn….that’s exactly it. Wow. Thank you again, this is opening up something inside me. Thank you for going first and lighting my way. You are most stellar.✨🤍✨


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