Today is like that

When I’m really depressed it’s not so much a feeling of sadness but of feeling like you don’t have any skin, and the slightest emotional impact hurts 10x more than it should. That, plus going catatonic and/or crying for no discernible reason. And feeling so weighted down that you can barely move. And still I […]

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internal twinning

For almost my entire life, I’ve felt like I was split into two people. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds. I’m not a Siamese twin. From ages 0-4, I was a tiny benevolent monster with curly hair, a big mouth, and a die-hard passion for singing all the time, loudly. To songs I’d fallen […]

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and sometimes you switch

I took a test that said I am a total freak! What a total non-revelation! I actually took the same test at the end of 2016. Three days before the election. There have been fascinating differences: I first scored a 27% in Mistress. As one might expect, they “receive complete control over the life of their […]

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The most productive thing I did last night was move from my couch to my bed. This weather has me wanting to curl up and sleep. It’s not terrible. Just get the rest. Listened to a fascinating podcast about Ayurveda that went really, really deep on things I’d been curious about. The body types, and […]

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